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Ultimate Assassins FAQ In progress...

What do you keep when you die?
  • Your Scrapyard if you've purchased the best life insurance
  • Your Bitcoin
  • A percentage of your Strength, Stamina and Agility levels if you've purchased life insurance.
  • Your Private Garage & Cars
  • Your Drug Factories & Stock
  • Your Weed Farm & Stock
  • Your Businesses
  • Your Statistics
  • Your CM Contribution
  • Your Vote Tokens
  • Your Notepad
  • Your Vault
  • Your Logbooks
  • Your Package
  • Your Backfire Settings
  • The same email as your dead account
  • The same password as your dead account
  • 25% of the XP of your dead account (max rank of Mobster)
  • The remaining points from your dead account

What is immunity?
When you first register you have the option to enable immunity, this will protect your account from getting assassinated by other players for up to 14 days.

Once you've died 3 or more times the maximum immunity you can have is 7 days.

The following options are not available to you whilst you are immune:

Creating a crew
Holding casinos
Holding a bullet factory
Searching other players

You can see this timer on the personal stats/detectives page.

If you've signed up less than 3 hours ago, you can disable immunity by going to account settings, then clicking on immunity.

What is backfire?
Backfire is a feature that we use on Ultimate Assassins to help protect your account from assassination attempts. The more bullets that you have on hand will greatly improve your chances of surviving providing you have the best Armour and Weapon. There are 3 backfire options that you can use. Double Backfire, Same Backfire and Custom Backfire.

Double Backfire
This will shoot back double the amount of bullets that the attacker shot at you providing you have that many bullets, or it will shoot everything that you have on hand.

Same Backfire
This will shoot the same about of bullets that the attacker shot at you, again it will shoot everything that you have on hand if you don't have enough bullets.

Custom Backfire
This will shoot back a set amount that you changed in the backfire settings. The minimum amount is 10,000 bullets and the maximum is 500,000. Just like before if you don't have enough bullets on hand to cover it, you will shoot everything back at the attacker.

What is the hitlist?
The hitlist allows you to put a bounty on your targets head. The player who kills your target will receive 100% of the bounty you put on them. There is a minimum price of $5,000,000, this is to stop spam.

What is the bullet calculator?
The bullet calculator does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to work out how many bullets you need to kill a player. It can also be used to work out how many bullets you can safely shoot without dying to backfire. (there is a backfire guide in the forum)

What is the shooting range?
The shooting range allows you to train your current weapon, before you can upgrade you will need 100% shooting skill.

Each hour in the shooting range costs $25,000 and you will gain 20% skill (Max 100%). Alternatively you can use points or bitcoin to instant train your weapon.

What is the hospital?
The hospital allows you to regenerate health that has been lost by shooting or getting shot at by other players.

Each hour in the hospital costs $25,000 and you will gain 20% health (Max 100%). Alternatively you can use points or bitcoin to instant heal.

What is the armoury?
The armoury is the place to buy guns for killing other members and for use on hitman missions

You can also buy armour to help defend yourself from attacks.

You will need a weapon to assassinate other players, each weapon upgrade will use significantly less bullets than the previous one.

But before you can upgrade your weapon, you will need to train it in the shooting range.

What is a bodyguard?
A bodyguard is a feature that allows you to hire different NPCs at different costs

You automatically pay them the set wage every hour, if you don't have enough money to pay them, the bodyguard will become inactive and you'll no longer be protected.

What is a bullet factory?
A bullet factory is a property owned by other players within the game, each hour the bullet factory gets topped up with an additional 1,000 bullets providing the bullet factory hasn't reached its max stock limit.

The owner pays $650,000 per hour for the bullets, this is automatically deducted from their account. The price of the bullets is chosen at random to keep the prices fair. If the owner doesn't have enough money to pay for the bullets, the bullet factory will be dropped and another player will have a chance to buy it.

What are detectives?
The detectives allow you to search for other players that you want to assassinate. There are 3 to choose from, each varying in price/success rate.

Once you've chosen your victim you can begin the search, this will take anywhere from 2 all the way up to 4 hours. You will get a notification once your detective has found or failed to find your target.

If the detective failed to find your target, your victim will get an alert saying somebody had a detective searching for them. You can bribe the detective to have your username hidden if you fail to find them.

What are witness statements?
These are witnesses to assassinations, if you choose to hide your kill from the public 1 user at random in the same location will receive the witness statement.

They can then list it on the witness statement market for a price of their choice, $100 minimum.

What is life insurance?
Life insurance allows you to insure your life if you happen to get assassinated. While this is active you will receive the payout on your new account.

There are 3 options to choose from, $25,000 per day for $500,000 cover, $50,000 per day for $1,000,000 cover and $100,000 per day for $3,500,000 cover.

Each day at 12 AM game time you will be charged the amount that you chose. If you don't have enough money to pay for it your policy will be cancelled and you'll receive nothing on your new account.

What is a donator badge?
We have in game perks that you can buy for real money, each purchase will go towards the badge.

Image Bronze is £24.99 or lower
Image Silver is £99.99 or lower
Image Gold is £249.99 or lower
Image Platinum is £499.99 or lower
Image Diamond is £999.99 or lower
Image ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎Sapphire is greater than £1000

What are Packages/Points?
Packages are a one off payment that will grant your account with additional money/bullets/points each day at 12 AM game time. You will also have extra bonuses such as Double XP/Half Timers. More information here.

Points are the premium currency of Ultimate Assassins, these can be purchased with real money via PayPal or Credit/Debit card. To spend them on in game items you can head over to the points page.

Both of these carry over to your new account if you die.

If you'd like to contribute to this thread, leave a comment with the question and answer and i'll add it.

About the game

Experience the thrilling world of Ultimate Assassins, a persistent text-based mafia game where your ultimate goal is to reach the TOP! Compete against other players as you climb the ranks, becoming more powerful, amassing wealth, and eliminating your rivals.

Start your journey by engaging in exciting activities like GTA (car theft), high-speed chases to outrun the cops, petty thefts, challenging missions, and much more - all designed to earn you quick cash.

As you progress through the ranks, each promotion brings rewards of cash and bullets, while unlocking exciting new features. But beware, your success is not without risks! Be wary of other players seeking to assassinate you and steal your hard-earned progress.

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KiryuKazuma evaded the police and made off with $17,059
KiryuKazuma stole a Ford GT40 worth $202,500
KiryuKazuma stole $66 from the local shop
KiryuKazuma stole a Samsung S22
KiryuKazuma sold tools worth $152
KiryuKazuma held up a gas station and made off with $274
KiryuKazuma stole card details worth $567